Author Debbie Herbert Sees Ocean Depths as an Unexplored Galaxy of Wild, Primitive Mystery and Beauty

Booktalk with Eileen: Journaling a Journey -- Learning the Art of Crafting a Novel

IMG_4886Debbie Herbert, thanks for coming over to my site today. I’d like to give our readers some idea of who you are, what you’re writing and why. I was delighted with your fantasy, meeting the shape-shifting mermaids and I look forward to the second of the series which I hope to read and review in the next couple of weeks.

How can you describe your series? 17900113

Herbert-authorphoto-228x300(pp_w149_h196)I write the Dark Seas series for Harlequin which involves a secret shape-shifting mermaid clan living deep in an Alabama bayou. The first book in the trilogy, SIREN’S SECRET, is the story of Shelly. Swimming alone at sea one night she stumbles upon a killer dumping a body at sea. A cat and mouse game ensues as each tries to discover the identity the other. Along the way, Shelly falls for the handsome Sheriff who is trying to track down the killer terrorizing…

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